Friday, March 10, 2006

"This train is for Cockfosters"

Geoff gave me a renewed love for the London tube system.

He's a fan of this wonderful public transport, and even holds the world record for completing the entire tube system in the shortest amount of time.

Honestly, if it were not for the distractions and entertainment provided by his page of tube map recreations, I'd be lost each time I'm in London and they decide to shut down lines without giving me enough warning.

All that said, Geoff (see? some of us here in the states know how to spell it) has been contacted by the TFL to cease using their logo on his site.

It's very frustrating, because in addition to all the press he's brought them, he led a charity drive for the train victims of the July bombings, raised funds for them, and was given permission to use the logo at that time.

And now he has been given till Monday to remove the logo-and it fucks me off.

So go visit his map site, and take a look before you lose your chance.


Blogger gema... said...

That is right, baby. I love the tube. Mind the gap, girlie.

Blogger said...

You're a lawyer. What would happen if he put those files on a US webserver? ;-)


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