Monday, April 10, 2006

"I can't see who's in the lead but it's either Oxford or Cambridge."

Go Dark Blue!!!

Oxford won the 2006 Boat Race, in a time of 18 minutes and 26 seconds and by a margin of five lengths. Oxford, on the Surrey station, enjoyed a good start in windy and choppy conditions and battled through despite intense pressure in the opening eight minutes. Both crews often sought the shelter of the Surrey bank, particularly around Hammersmith corner where they faced the conditions predicted earlier by Boat Race organiser Howard Jacobs of a "wall of wind and water". The Oxford victory - their fourth in five years - narrows down Cambridge's overall series lead to 78-73 in an event which dates back to 1829.

There is a 4 mpg, 25 minute film of the race here.

Learn all about The Boat Race from Wikipedia here.


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