Saturday, May 06, 2006

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.”

What an odd 24 hours.
At the office yesterday, my friend Michelle giddilie told me that a friend of hers "likes me".
And of course the obvious response from me was, "He must not know me then, or he wouldn't like me."
And he does not.
She said she had promised not to tell me who he was, but thought I'd be flattered that she AIMs him to tell him when I am leaving my desk, so he can see me walk by.
-That was sort of flattering.
Someone has a crush on you, and they ask their friends to let them know when you're walking by.
Sort of cute.
Then later, she calls me over to her desk to show me that they are chatting about me.
And he was typing about the dress I had on.
A little too intently to not be creepy.
Then it got really odd-
He typed that he liked the green top I had on two weeks ago Thursday.
"Two weeks ago?" I asked Michelle.
So she typed asking how he knew what I had on two weeks ago-
"I draw little pictures of her on my calendar each day."



He what?

NOT flattering.

THEN this morning I found out my Darling R spent time in the big house yesterday.

I need distraction.

This will be an amusing if not disturbing distraction.
"Black Dog" is my favorite.


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