Thursday, July 20, 2006

its a monkey washing a cat

ah to be English during a heat wave

Britain is in the midst of another hot summer.
Yesterday was the hottest recorded July temprature in British history at 36.3C.
In England last year at this time, I can attest to how un-prepared the British people are for such extreme heat.

You see lots of fans, huddled masses under shady trees, and are treated to the older generation remembering what a drizzy rainy summer day used to be like.

Growing up in Texas, I thought I'd be well adjusted to the heat and high tempratures, and for the most part I do ok.
(Not including the smell of many, many sweaty bodies on the tube during rush hour, or the British Museum's air conditioning breaking down).

Here are some of the news-worthy bits I've picked up regarding the heat wave-
I am particularly fond of the cows, and that blossoming flowers make the Brit news wire.

· London bus drivers were threatened with the sack for wearing shorts, despite on-board temperatures exceeding 50C. The Speaker in the Commons, Michael Martin, was more lenient, relaxing the dress code to let reporters in the press gallery remove their jackets.

· Train lines buckled in Birmingham, where temperatures topped 36C, causing severe delays. In the West Midlands and Staffordshire gritters were called in after road surfaces melted.

· Scores of schools closed early including 10 in central London, four in Merseyside and two in Birmingham. Hundreds of schools cancelled sports day amid fears for children's health.

· A jogger was hospitalised after a stampeding herd of cows in Dorset, thought to have been irritated by a heat-induced increase in flies, charged him. Tempers were wisely cooled in Colchester zoo, however, where lions were given blocks of ice, flavoured with blood.

· Large areas of the Peak District national park in Derbyshire were closed to the public amid fears that fires could be sparked in dry woodland.

· One of Britain's biggest ever heath fires, which began on Thursley Common, Surrey, on Friday, continued to burn. Hot, dry conditions had impeded efforts to quell the blaze, which has destroyed 370 acres of heathland.

· Gardener, Marilyn Jamieson, 71, from Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, reported that her primroses - which normally blossom only in spring - had flowered for a second time.

· The National Grid asked suppliers to increase electricity supplies following a surge in demand from air conditioning systems.

· In Cambridgeshire, members of the Spartan Rescue service distributed 400 litres of water to stranded drivers after an accident on the A14 by weaving through traffic on quad bikes.

They are due for some relief today-rain is in the forecast!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

How To Do A Lay Over?

So I'm booking my travel to Dublin-
I'm 4 months in Dublin before settling in Oxford-

When booking my flight, I noticed there is a farily inexpensive route via Chicago.

The question:

Would you book with a 6 hour lay over and see part of Chicago?


Would you book with a 2 hour layover and stay at the airport?

Monday, July 17, 2006

Disneyland 7/15/06

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

McHotness Hooks

Ah when oddities collide!

Alan Rickman as Capt Hook

Jason Isaacs as Capt Hook

and now

From Deadwood to Never Never Land
Posted by Clint Morris on July 10, 2006

Would you leave your child with Al Swearingen?

Seems you’ll no longer have a choice, with the man lending his lungs to quite a few upcoming kiddie flicks, including the next “Shrek” film.

“Deadwood” fave Ian McShane – seemingly snapping up a swarm of movie roles now that his series is coming to a close – has joined the cast of Dreamworks’ “Shrek the Third”, says Coming Soon.

McShane, who also appears in the forthcoming Woody Allen pic “Scoop”, will voice the character of Captain Hook in the movie.

"They've done Captain Hook before like in the background playing the piano, but Captain Hook finally speaks, so it's something my grandkids can finally see," he told the site. "It's very strange doing those things, because you usually go in… I think I've done three days and I've got another day to do… you don't meet anybody else, you do all your lines on your own. But there are all these animators, 17 nerds, looking at you from the screen. They're very nice, because it's an extraordinary place. DreamWorks have this incredible campus out in Glendale, they call it "nerd heaven" and they only do animation there, it's beautiful. They try to physically adapt the character a little to what you do when they're doing the drawings."

McShane also revealed that he’s lent his voice to a character in “Kung Fu Panda” with Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman, as well as that of a Russian Giant in the highly anticipated “Coraline”, based on the children’s book of the same name.

It's almost as good as Jeremy Irons as Snape :)

Monday, July 10, 2006

Nifty Mile Counters

Husband #1 shared with me this wonderful little google map tool

Type in your starting address.
Or zoom and drag to begin where you wish to begin.
Click on the map to draw your route.
Use map view, satellite view, or hybrid view with both streets and satellite photo.
See the distance in miles or kilometers
Use the Workout Calculator for calories burned, pace, and speed

I found out that my normal dog walk is 1 mile, and far too long in the heat of a SoCal early summer.

My evening walk is 4 miles-takes about 45 mins, and explains why I'm always tired at the end of it.

Dublin Night Bus-

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Banksy in London-

Taken near the London Bridge tube station

Friday, July 07, 2006

“I hear, I know. I see, I remember. I do, I understand.”

One year since that day of panic and fear.
Searching every means possible to confirm loved ones were safe.
Waiting for a phone call from Colin. Insane with worry that he had gone to town that day.
Finally learning that everyone was safe, and that M was at the hospital, tending to C.

A year later and I'm reminded of how things have changed, whats developed-whats evolved.

Pause and reflect-be nice to someone.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Puberty and Predictions

Am at the dentist waiting for Husband #1 to have his wisdom teeth pulled.
Blessedly the dentist has a wireless network that is enabling me to chat and surf.

(Though it is keeping me from transcribing the writing I did over the weekend)

At any rate, found myself in a chat with Husband #2, and we were chattting about childhood nudges into puberty.

(He was watching The Avengers, and mooning over Emma Peel)

He says he has always had a thing for "women who are as smart as they are sexy"

and then

"the sort who wears a catsuit and dosen't mind you looking"

on to youtube to try and find a clip to illustrate his point-
what does he send?

Yes-thats a clip that shows how smart she is :)

I shared that Husband #1 has an odd thing for tiny flannel night gowns much for the same reason-

for him it was Samantha Stevens, not Emma Peel, but that early impression on a young boy made a lasting impact-

Then I confessed that I think it all went to Hell for me when my Mother took me to see RHPS way too young-
I developed a mad crush on:

To this day I have a thing for boys in eyeliner-
and boys with black hair
and boys in fishnets?
(sadly, yes)

Also of particular crush-inducement:


Does that explain why I have no crushes on American men?

Ok-I'll go with that-
by whats with the 50+ year old British men?

any way-
the dental asst has just come out and said Husband #1 is ready to go-
off to drive the drugged, toothless home :)

Beckham,butter, and bots