Wednesday, July 19, 2006

How To Do A Lay Over?

So I'm booking my travel to Dublin-
I'm 4 months in Dublin before settling in Oxford-

When booking my flight, I noticed there is a farily inexpensive route via Chicago.

The question:

Would you book with a 6 hour lay over and see part of Chicago?


Would you book with a 2 hour layover and stay at the airport?


Blogger Cybil said...

Cybil here (Nils' GF). If you are flying into O'hare which you probably are, totally book a day to look into Chicago. It's a great city to visit. You can get the subway from the airport and go anywhere in the city. Walking the city is just fab. I mean you could just choose places to get off the train and just walk around. State Street on the Red Line has some of the coolest shops I've ever seen.
But I love museums and such so here are the ones I like to see on a short trip:

The Field Museum is a MUST SEE. It has baby chicks hatching, decaying animals to watch, and a fairy doll house among other stellar exhibits.

Right next to the Field Museum is The Museum of Science and Industry with the most AMAZING frog exhibit touring at the moment. They also have a lizard exhibit that I spent an hour at.

Chicago Art Institute I'm not a big art museum fan, but I have liked this museum both times I've gone. It's like the Met where you DON'T HAVE TO PAY. They ask for a donation of a shit load of money, but you can pay or not pay as you see fit Be sure to look for my favorite artist's stuff. William Michael Harnett. His stuff usually has a guard posted next to it. It look so really people (including me) try and touch it.

I am not a fan of Navy Pier for any reson but their collection of Tiffany stained glass. It's AMAZING. Otherwise it's glorified shopping.

Chicago is the architecture city of the nation and home to greats like Frank Lloyd Wright and the Chicago World's Fair. So if you like that sort of stuff you can take a number of walks. Or search for your own guide book.

I saw some really fun theater thanks to Goldstar Events which can get you 1/2 price show tickets. My favorite was a Regency style horse show at the Noble Theater. It was cheesy but the riders and horses were stunning.

I have a thing for ghost tours and Chicago was a hoot! If you are there for a night PRE-BOOK (they sell out month's in advance) for Chicago Hauntings

I also highly recommend you read the book Devil in the White City which a friend just read to me. It's will have you all ready to love and loath Chicago's history, magic, madness, and giants.


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