Tuesday, July 11, 2006

McHotness Hooks

Ah when oddities collide!

Alan Rickman as Capt Hook

Jason Isaacs as Capt Hook

and now

From Deadwood to Never Never Land
Posted by Clint Morris on July 10, 2006

Would you leave your child with Al Swearingen?

Seems you’ll no longer have a choice, with the man lending his lungs to quite a few upcoming kiddie flicks, including the next “Shrek” film.

“Deadwood” fave Ian McShane – seemingly snapping up a swarm of movie roles now that his series is coming to a close – has joined the cast of Dreamworks’ “Shrek the Third”, says Coming Soon.

McShane, who also appears in the forthcoming Woody Allen pic “Scoop”, will voice the character of Captain Hook in the movie.

"They've done Captain Hook before like in the background playing the piano, but Captain Hook finally speaks, so it's something my grandkids can finally see," he told the site. "It's very strange doing those things, because you usually go in… I think I've done three days and I've got another day to do… you don't meet anybody else, you do all your lines on your own. But there are all these animators, 17 nerds, looking at you from the screen. They're very nice, because it's an extraordinary place. DreamWorks have this incredible campus out in Glendale, they call it "nerd heaven" and they only do animation there, it's beautiful. They try to physically adapt the character a little to what you do when they're doing the drawings."

McShane also revealed that he’s lent his voice to a character in “Kung Fu Panda” with Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman, as well as that of a Russian Giant in the highly anticipated “Coraline”, based on the children’s book of the same name.

It's almost as good as Jeremy Irons as Snape :)


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