Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Puberty and Predictions

Am at the dentist waiting for Husband #1 to have his wisdom teeth pulled.
Blessedly the dentist has a wireless network that is enabling me to chat and surf.

(Though it is keeping me from transcribing the writing I did over the weekend)

At any rate, found myself in a chat with Husband #2, and we were chattting about childhood nudges into puberty.

(He was watching The Avengers, and mooning over Emma Peel)

He says he has always had a thing for "women who are as smart as they are sexy"

and then

"the sort who wears a catsuit and dosen't mind you looking"

on to youtube to try and find a clip to illustrate his point-
what does he send?

Yes-thats a clip that shows how smart she is :)

I shared that Husband #1 has an odd thing for tiny flannel night gowns much for the same reason-

for him it was Samantha Stevens, not Emma Peel, but that early impression on a young boy made a lasting impact-

Then I confessed that I think it all went to Hell for me when my Mother took me to see RHPS way too young-
I developed a mad crush on:

To this day I have a thing for boys in eyeliner-
and boys with black hair
and boys in fishnets?
(sadly, yes)

Also of particular crush-inducement:


Does that explain why I have no crushes on American men?

Ok-I'll go with that-
by whats with the 50+ year old British men?

any way-
the dental asst has just come out and said Husband #1 is ready to go-
off to drive the drugged, toothless home :)


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